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Preparing Data for a Leaner & Personalized Digital Experience

What you'll learn

Learn how to prepare your data and create solutions designed to drive personalized opportunities across creative - and campaign activation.


  • The next steps you need to take to be more customer-centric?
  • Why your company needs to be more data- and customer-centric
  • Examples of a personalized digital experience 
  • Step 1:  prepare your organization
  • Step 2: prepare your data 
  • Step 3: take action

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Most companies have a CRM system with a ton of data, but most of it is not used. People select data and make business decisions based on assumptions. This siloed approach of data gathering is problematic because the budgets won't be allocated properly. Companies that define datasets, which help to convert people into customers, make unbiased business decisions. 

The right scalable technology is needed in order to gather the winning datasets. Start small, but think about what technology helps you centralize all of your personalized touchpoints with the customer. The requirements and scope need to be determined by marketing, sales, and IT. Otherwise, the data lake will become just another form of storage. 

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