Data Fundamentals to Maximize Impact

Being Platform First
Advanced Display Formats

Leave data silos in the past to empower future-proof infrastructure.

Customize your data modules

Here's How

We built a model that could identify Exacts’ main on-site products of interest and the position of all users on the customer journey - and within the funnel.

It can be tricky to know where to start with data.

We have created modules of some of the best data work we’ve done across the globe for anyone to leverage.

Noisy, Competitive Space option2

Design data modules to cater for scale

Built For Scale

New channels, territories, and data sources can be layered together - providing data structures have been properly standardized.

Here's How

Using a Machine Learning model, we built a  sophisticated retargeting strategy for Charlotte Tilbury that demonstrated the value of Data Science.

Centralize your activation

Here's How

Death Wish Coffee (DWC) partnered with Incubeta to help solve their cross-channel data silo challenges with the use of Incubeta's data pipeline.

Leverage cloud data

By centralizing data in the cloud, we are able to derive deeper insights, not only from one platform, but from multiple. Once we have those insights, we are then able to put them into action across all your campaigns, on all of your platforms.


Making Data Intelligence the Future of your Marketing Strategy

Example Data Integrations

We’re able to connect to hundreds of possible data platforms. Here are some…

Did you know?

L’Oréal & Incubeta Use AI & First-Party Data to Push Personalization Frontiers with Skin Genius

L’Oréal & Incubeta Use AI & First-Party Data to Push Personalization Frontiers with Skin Genius

It’s not easy to build a data-driven personalization machine that offers real added value to customers in a way that upholds their privacy. In this blog, we discuss how L'Oréal overcame this challenge with Skin Genius.

Creative Optimization

Realigning Data with Creative Optimization

Google has announced that it will withdraw support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2024. This means that advertisers will need to redirect their attention towards analyzing first-party data to create customer-centric experiences. 

The Risks, Rewards & Best Practices of Generative AI

The Risks, Rewards & Best Practices of Generative AI

As so often happens when a shiny new toy arrives in the digital marketing playpen, we all want to get a piece of the pie, and for good reason, but Generative AI is not without its risks.

Humans or robots

Humans & Robots

This playbook explores the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence presents within Media, Commerce and Creative.

First party data

Living with First Party Data

We explore the future of digital advertising and how advertisers can grow in an online environment reliant on first-party data.

3 Minutes of Digital Privacy

3 Minutes of Digital: Privacy

We summarize our 3 Minutes of Digital - Privacy video series. Looking at ‘Privacy’ and discussing the latest changes in the privacy sphere. 


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Propensity & Churn Modeling

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