The Power of Amazon DSP: Advertising with First-Party Data, On and Off Amazon

Businesses that hope to grow and stay relevant as we enter a cookie-less world should be implementing advertising strategies that leverage first-party data, comply with complex privacy regulations, and exceed customer expectations. Whether you’re an endemic business (selling products on Amazon) or a non-endemic business (e.g., banks, insurance companies, etc.), Amazon DSP is one of the most powerful platforms available that can help you future-proof your online strategy.

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What's In the Whitepaper

Amazon DSP or “Demand-Side Platform” is a software that enables businesses to engage in the automated buying and selling of ad space on a given website, otherwise known as Programmatic Advertising. Ultimately, Amazon DSP helps both B2B and B2C organizations to drive quality traffic, increase brand visibility, and boost sales via first-party advertising – on and off Amazon. 

This whitepaper is a playbook of tips and tricks on the fundamentals of Amazon DSP. Specifically, it covers:

  • What is Amazon DSP?
  • The General Features of Amazon DSP
  • Who Can Use Amazon DSP and the Value It Brings to Business
  • Two Ways to Use Amazon DSP: Self-Service vs Managed-Service
  • The Two Categories of Amazon Advertising
  • Full-Funnel Marketing: Amazon DSP + Amazon Ad Console
  • Why Should Brands Use Amazon DSP?
  • The Benefits of Amazon DSP
  • Is Amazon DSP for You?


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